Nonprofit Spotlight: JMT Consulting Group

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When JMT CEO & Founder Jacqueline M. Tiso experienced a particularly painful accounting software implementation while working at a nonprofit, she was inspired to disrupt the industry and create a firm that was able to understand and respond to the unique challenges mission-driven organizations face.

Since 1991, JMT Consulting Group has worked exclusively with nonprofits to deliver the finance, development, and productivity solutions required to meet their unique goals of sustainability and mission effectiveness through the implementation and support of best-in-class technology solutions. Our experts use their decades of nonprofit experience to mitigate risk, anticipate needs and make holistic recommendations based on the broad range of projects we have successfully delivered to over 2,000 clients across the US.

Here are a few ways we can help your organization:

Free Online Resources

  • Webinar Series: Hear from industry guest speakers in our Expert Speaker Series or learn more about the technology solutions we support and how they can benefit your organization in one of our solution sessions.
  • Resource Center: Browse videos, educational downloads, blog posts, and more – all created with nonprofit financial professional education in mind.

Consulting Services

  • ERP Solution Implementation
  • Financial Planning & Analysis Solution Implementation
  • Nonprofit Financial Reporting
  • Budget Management
  • Grant Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Business Intelligence & Management Reporting
  • Business Process & Workflow Improvement

You can learn more about them here.

If you are facing efficiency challenges related to your technology processes are would like to learn how we can support your organization, book a free consultation here.

Ways To Grow Your Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, you have a worthwhile mission and a big heart, but you also need to have additional funds to be able to continue to do what you do best. Fundraising efforts, especially during this pandemic, continue to present challenges. Asking the same donors year after year is not an easy task. Now is the time to think outside that box to create a stream of revenue. 

To grow your nonprofit, you can:  

  • Collaborate
  • Charge a fee for a service or product
  • Expand programs
  • Create a Partnership

Collaboration offers many benefits. Think of another nonprofit that will highlight or compliment your own mission statement and work together to benefit you both:

  • More efficient outreach: Two organizations will be able to cover more territory in order to reach out to more communities.
  • Additional revenue: You can apply for additional grants that require the skill set of the combined entities.
  • Enhanced programs: Both organizations can bring a complimentary service to expand programs to additional communities.
  • Expands the value proposition: Both organizations would be able to expand their offerings without increasing their budget.
  • Increased leadership skills: You may be able to increase your leadership by merging the staff so that you can maximize both skill sets.