Fundraising Training Video Series: Nonprofit Donor Communications via Letter, Handwritten Note and Email

By Betsy Steward

Communication is necessary at each juncture of building the relationship with your donors. Good writing builds the donor’s trust and strengthens the relationship. Bad writing chips away at your credibility and weakens the relationship. Whether the writing occurs in an email, a note or letter, it needs to represent you and your organization in the best possible light.

Below are 3 brief instructional videos I put together to help you polish your written communications with your donors.  I hope watching all three videos will help you find your unique “writing voice” so that whatever you write, your donor will recognize YOU. Whether it’s snail mail or an email, every correspondence is an opportunity to cultivate and strengthen relationships with your donors. 

Watch, learn, and then, start writing! And feel free to email me if you have any questions.

How to Write Thank You Notes to Major Donors (4 minutes)

Does it really make a difference to send a handwritten thank-you note to donors? Absolutely! Research shows that a handwritten thank-you note sent immediately after you receive a gift helps ensure a repeated — and often increased — gift. Watch this short video for tips on writing notes that will touch your donors.

How to Email Major Donors (8:49 minutes)

Summarize, clarify, confirm, and continue building relationships with major donors via email! Yep, email. I outline best practices and highlights common mistakes in email correspondence with major donors and potential major donors. 

How to Write Proposal Letters (12:43 minutes)

Why would you write a proposal letter to a donor? Mostly to follow up a meeting! Or maybe it’s the only way to reach this particular donor. What should your letter contain? Can you really solicit a gift via a letter? Watch this short video and learn the ins and outs of proposal letter writing. 

If you enjoyed these videos, imagine how successful you will be with a tailor-made training program for your organization. Contact me today to discuss how the Heller Group can support your work!

Betsy Steward is Senior Consultant at the Heller Fundraising Group. She advises clients on capital campaigns as well as major donor cultivation, solicitation and stewardship.