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Fundraising Event Coordinator

Entry Level, Mid-Level

Job Category:

Communications, Development


Job Sector:


Application must include resume, cover letter and salary requirements in order to be considered.

The Event Coordinator assists with the fundraising and event management of non-profit fundraising events produced by a New York City-based fundraising and event planning consulting firm.  Responsibilities include working with non-profit clients, board and committee members, honorees, sponsors and contributors.  This position is responsible for working with the Manager of Events and Director of Events to create ways to exceed the financial goal for each client, and to manage various aspects of a variety of events including galas, conferences, cultivation events, and run/walk events.  Our in-person events occur primarily in New York City, though some limited national travel may occur for select events.

*Due to the current circumstances of COVID-19, many of our upcoming events will be virtual or have a hybrid in-person/virtual structure for 2021.

Major Functions/Accountabilities:

Support in all aspects of 4+ events (virtually and in-person) per year for various non-profit clients, under supervision of the Manager of Events and Director of Events (DOE).  This may include, but is not limited to:

  • Sourcing venue/virtual event platforms for recommendation and selection; researching vendors for our virtual events. Assisting with building out the virtual event pages on various platforms that are aligned with clients’ needs and branding.
    • Working on all virtual event components specific to the clients needs. Including participating in webinars and on platform demos to understand the technology.  
    • Management of tracking client data including event contributions, sponsors, invoices and committee meeting minutes.
    • Coordination of committee meetings, meeting minutes, conference calls. Maintaining event timelines & expenses.
    • Handling of event participants personalized mailings including organizing contact lists, drafting outreach letters, mail merges and compiling email/mail outreach.
    • Management of tracking client data including event contributions, sponsor benefits and guest names. 
    • Placing follow up calls to and tracking outreach efforts for board members, event participants and supporters.
    • Managing outreach for auction donations and in-kind donations, coordinating delivery and tracking auction details.
    • Work with event participants to assist them with fundraising, incentives and outreach.
  • Database Management: Whether that be updating contacts in a CRM, creating event registration pages, or creating email blasts to go out to the client’s database, you will be operating the back end tracking of databases for the client and making adjustments to them when needed.
    • This will also include tracking all event financials, client expenses and on-going solicitation efforts.
    • Managing in-coming financials both by credit card and checks.
    • Creating and sending out requested invoices and receipts.


This position requires a bachelor’s degree, 1-3 years event experience (fundraising events preferred),strong technical background (comfortable managing/learning/recommending technology and is a must), and experience with social media is a plus.

Additional Qualifications:

  • Ability to focus on projects while working remotely and remaining on task for all deadlines.
  • Strong communication skills with the team while working together on projects both remotely and once we are back in the office
  • Excellent planning and time management, and outstanding organizational skills
  • Flexible and able to easily move quickly from one project to another
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and to work on numerous projects simultaneously
  • Creative with bringing new ideas to our events and detail-oriented
  • Comfortable working with a large group of people, and working independently
  • Enthusiastic, high-energy and initiative-taking personality a must
  • Team-oriented with a positive attitude
  • Willingness and ability to work a flexible schedule that may include evenings, weekends and extended hours during event seasons
  • Able to handle high-stress situations calmly and professionally
  • Knowledge of nonprofit organizations and fundraising events
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • Comfortable handling meticulous work that includes focusing on attention to details
  • Having a strong background in databases/virtual event platforms is preferred

Reports to: Manager of Events; Director of Development and Events


Write a cover letter incorporating answers to the following questions:

  1. Why you would be a good candidate for this position;
  2. What makes you different from other candidates;
  3. How important philanthropy is to you;
  4. What is your biggest strength;
  5. What is an area that needs improvement;
  6. Describe the most successful event you have produced with a few details on why it was so successful (no more than one paragraph, please);
  7. If you have experience with any virtual event elements, please elaborate;
  8. Your experience with peer-to-peer fundraising events;
  9. What are your salary requirements;

Email Resume with Cover Letter to Director of Development and Events:

Application must include resume, cover letter and salary requirements in order to be considered.

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