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Vicus Partners

About Vicus Partners

Vicus Partners is a commercial real estate company based in New York City that proudly represents tenants only and never landlords. As our client, we guide you through an end-to-end space solution, from sharing market information and finding space options to negotiating on your behalf and securing the right space at the right price for you and your mission. 

As an Executive Director of Vicus Partners, Jane Brody proudly represents Non-profit tenants in their commercial leases and focuses on how real estate aligns with your goals as part of a greater mission. She’s a real estate broker with a heart, a natural connector who brings a diverse and accomplished background to this role, including leading as a former Executive Director and Board member for multiple Non-Profits, leading teams in both for city / state government and the private sector, and teaching in schools. In these roles, Jane experienced first-hand the hurdles of finding the right Non-profit office space, and how space contributes to donor relations, operating costs and ability to carry out your mission. She joined Vicus Partners to dedicate her career to solving this problem for Non-profits, and has proudly represented a wide range of New York City, from those serving the local community to large multinational Non-profits.


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