Cybersecurity Panel

cybersecurity panel

Cybersecurity has continued to be a hot topic thanks to aggressive hackers and working remotely has certainly increased hacker’s ability to cause damage. With a second wave of COVID-19 closures coming back, more users and changes to the day-to-day business processes will push the limits of your technology infrastructure especially when it involves implementing new software applications to handle internal processes that were once done in person and manually. Is your IT operations set up to handle the changes? Training, bandwidth issues, making sure anti-virus and anti-malware updates are being regularly pushed out to all users, decreased availability of getting new equipment such as laptops and Chromebooks, shortages of people to maintain the IT infrastructure: all major stresses. Add on top that hackers know that you are stressed and may not have everything is up to code, and bam, they send out phishing emails in mass and deploy as many tactics as they can to get into your system.

Annual Appeal Messaging During a Pandemic


You can’t rely on the same messaging you use for your usual appeals. They need to reflect that if you want to connect with donors and raise money during this pandemic. How do you craft a message that resonates with donors and inspires them to give during the most uncertain time in recent history? Join us for a virtual conversation as we discuss strategies for a successful 2020 campaign.

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Virtual Nonprofit Check Up

Virtual Nonprofit Check up

When the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic hit New York, nonprofit organizations did their best to ensure safe operations while still carrying out their missions—and, in many cases, increasing their workload. So many people rely on the services that nonprofits provide to New York communities, especially in times of crisis. New York Nonprofit Media will host “Virtual Nonprofit Checkup” bringing together Executive Leadership from nonprofits across New York to learn how to best assess the health of your nonprofit amid the pandemic and going forward into the new normal.

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Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Inspire Hearts Fundraising

Cerini Nonprofit Connection November Header

November’s Cerini Nonprofit Connection features guest speakers Erin Ward and Bobby D. Ehlert, both virtual event fundraising consultants at Inspire Hearts Fundraising. Join Ken Cerini, managing partner at Cerini & Associates, Erin, and Bobby as they discuss the topic of virtual fundraising event planning and strategies.

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