Partnering With The Right Document Shredding Provider: What To Know

The Right Document Shredding

It is very important today especially, that non-profit organizations are consciously making decisions that enhance their internal security efforts; this is due to the level of confidential information circulating most offices on any given day.  Remember that the personal details surrounding your clients, employees, customers, and business, deserve proper protection from information exposure.

What is the best solution for this? Secure document destruction of any sensitive document containing private details that you no longer need to store. While in-house office shredders may seem like a feasible solution, they simply aren’t reliable and only shred documents into strips, which can be easily put back together. An office shredder also demands considerable time and attention, which means your employees, are pulled away from the job duties they were hired to perform; this affects overall productivity tremendously.

The only method of destruction that is 100% secure and reliable is through an experienced professional equipped with the necessary technology and machinery to shred information into an irrecoverable state. Not only does this process protect you from potential fraud and identity theft, it also ensures that your business remains compliant with key privacy legislation. It also helps your company maintain organization over your critical information.

Advantages of a Professional Document Shredding Company:

For trusted shredding you can count on, we welcome you to consider using Time Shred Services as your source for shredding. Our services guarantee your peace of mind, while saving you time and money. How do you know you’re partnering with the right company for your needs, however? You’ll want to first consider what services would be beneficial to your company prior to hiring us or any other document shredding company, because not every business provides the same services. For instance, if you need a one-time purge service or regular ongoing shredding services on the other hand, you’ll want to confirm that the shredding company you’re considering does in fact offer these options.  Knowing what solutions, you need; will help you decide which professional services you should be seeking out. A one-time purge service is typically used by companies who need to get rid of a significantly large volume of documents because of a move, clean-up, or office closure. Documents are collected and shred directly on-site through the use of our mobile shred trucks.

If you’re a non-profit requiring routine, regular service and prefer the idea of ongoing shredding, our scheduled shredding option is probably the most beneficial option for you. If you’re unsure on what approach to take the Time Shred Services team is more than happy to evaluate your current document disposal habits and provide feedback in relation appropriate options based on what we determine. With your agreement, an appropriate collection schedule will be put together to meet your specific needs. There is little disruption in your workday, and you may witness the shredding process if preferred. We are pleased to operate industry-leading shredding equipment that is the safest among the industry. There is zero chance of information recovery with our document shredding services.

Whether you’re a non-profit looking for a one-time purge service or is interested in an ongoing, regular document shredding program, it’s important that you are happy with company you’ve chosen and feel confident in their professional capabilities. For service that is not only pleasant but is also dependable, choose a company that is:

Uniformed, screened, and background-checked professionals who are trained appropriately

A strict chain-of-custody that follows the highest of industry standards

Collection on-site at your location, followed by prompt shredding that you are free to watch

Cross-cut shredder technology and multiple shred sizes

Recycling of shredded material

Certificate of Destruction provided following each job

Privacy laws are constantly changing and penalties for non-compliance are becoming far more stringent, which makes shredding even more crucial. As a business owner, sensitive records and customer information needs to stay secure while in storage but it’s equally important that when they are ready to be disposed of they are done in a safe manner that protects information from exposure. Shredding is the only option that does just that.

Find out how Time Shred Services can help your non-profit start an effective shredding program that includes electronic destruction, protecting your vital information from unwanted exposure. Our professionals constantly stress the importance of your security, and it is always a top priority of ours to guarantee your privacy.

The Secret to Top-Level Fundraising Success: Listen to Your Donors

Top-Level Fundraising

By Peter Heller

I know you’ve done great things in your professional life.

You should have people in your life who will listen to all the glorious details. It’s vital to celebrate your success and to be acknowledged for what you’ve accomplished.

But, if you are a fundraiser, don’t waste precious time gabbing on about your accomplishments with your donors and prospects.

Your job is to double down on listening. 

I learned this lesson the hard way. Here’s what happened….

When I was starting out as a fundraiser at Columbia University, I had a meeting with an alumnus/prospect and a senior university dean. The dean was new to his role. The goal of the meeting was for the dean to establish a relationship with the alumnus which would then lead to more involvement and a gift solicitation.

They sat facing each other on either side of a long table, while I sat at the far end observing their memorable exchange. 

It was like proud rockets were being launched from either side, one after the other, soaring higher and higher. The dean and the prospect were sure proud of their accomplishments.

“I’ve done this thing,” said the alumnus.

“I’ve also done that thing and this other thing,” said the dean.

On it went. A battle of the egos.

Their conversation remained friendly, but they weren’t really connecting. By the end of the meeting, we were no closer to developing a close relationship, let alone securing a gift.

So, aside from the obvious, what went wrong? 

The dean’s job was to listen to the alumnus and celebrate his accomplishments, not compete with them.

If you truly listen to your prospect, you will not only learn about the person, but you will also give them the opportunity to be heard — something increasingly rare today, and a secret to top-level fundraising success.

And so it goes, listening builds a relationship, which leads to much better results when you ask for a significant gift, which, in turn, continues to build your relationship. 

It all starts with genuinely listening.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Read more fundraising secrets in the Heller Fundraising Group blog, “The Whisper In The Ear Strategy”:

Peter Heller is the Founder of Heller Fundraising Group, a New York City-based fundraising consulting firm that works with local, national and international nonprofits on capital campaigns.

DOL Penalties Increase for 2022

DOL Penalties

The Department of Labor (DOL) published the annual adjustments for 2022 that increase certain penalties applicable to employee benefit plans.

Annual Penalty Adjustments for 2022

The following updated penalties are applicable to health and welfare plans subject to ERISA.

Employer Action

Private employers, including non-profits, should ensure employees receive required notices timely (SBC, CHIP, SPD, etc.) to prevent civil penalty assessments. In addition, employers should ensure Form 5500s are properly and timely filed, if applicable. Finally, employers facing document requests from EBSA should ensure documents are provided timely, as requested.

For more information: Ed Probst | (516) 872-2017 |