Videos & Webinars

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Long-Term Property Solutions Amid COVID Pandemic

Ken Cerini, CPA and guest speakers Jane Brody of Vicus Partners and Ámbar Margarida of Spacesmith discussed developing real property strategies and long-term solutions as your nonprofit emerges from the COVID pandemic.

2020 NFP Update Part 9 – Q&A Panel

Our panel of experts answered questions you may have and to covered areas that we might have been missed during the day.

2020 NFP Update Part 8 – Nonprofit Panel

We have assembled a powerhouse panel of nonprofit executives to provide insight into how they have been coping with the COVID pandemic, how they expect to emerge from the pause, what they learned from the experience, and what they will be doing differently.

2020 NFP Update Part 7 – Virtual Fundraising – Darren Port, Powered by Professionals

The nonprofit sector has been hit hard, especially with respect to fundraising, as we have watched event after event be canceled due to the inability for gatherings and the need for social distancing. This covered how nonprofits can pivot to virtual events, including; -Virtual fundraising applications Ideas that could work for your organizations -Changing your focus to donor-centric fundraising And more

2020 NFP Update Part 6 – Impact of CARES Act – Vanguard Insurance Agency & ADP

The CARES Act has made dramatic changes to employment regulations and how we do business and work with our staff. In this session, we discussed some of the regulatory changes and what businesses need to know as the COVID-19 pause is lifted.

2020 NFP Update Part 5 – IT Concerns of Going Virtual – Connected Technology & Cerini & Associates

Cybersecurity and Internal Controls Considerations covering: -Securing your workspace -Ensuring your wireless network is secure -Taking precautions when working in public -Assessing hidden dangers with email, social media -Training employees -Ensuring computer access use policies are robust and include working remotely -Assessing your remote security protocols -Being prepared by having good backups and recovery plans

2020 NFP Update Part 4 – Legal Update – David Goldstein, Certilman Balin

The Impact Of The Pandemic On Your Organization’s Corporate Governance: -Legal & Regulatory Relief • The Governor’s Executive Orders • Attorney General’s Charities Bureau Guidance • The Legislature’s Response -Putting It All Together • What’s A Nonprofit To Do? • Traps For The Unwary

2020 NFP Update Part 3 – Virtual Software – Rob Johnson, JMT Consulting

For 30 years, JMT consulting has been a tech consulting firm serving only nonprofits. For 29 years and 9 months, we operated from several offices throughout North America and Australia. However, for the last 3 months, like you, our staff has worked virtually. To do so, we have relied on having systems and processes within four primary areas: 1. Teams management 2. Project Collaboration

2020 NFP Update Part 2 – Accounting Update – Ken Cerini, Cerini & Associates, LLP

The Financial Accounting Standards Board has issued guidance impacting the nonprofit sector. Learn about the status of these pronouncements, which have been pushed off, how to account for your PPP loan forgiveness, and additional concerns and disclosures that arose thanks to the pandemic.

2020 NFP Update Part 1 – PPP & EIDL Update – Ed McWilliams, Cerini & Associates, LLP

This presentation covered the most recent updates to the ever-changing Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) loans including the latest guidance on forgiveness, eligible uses and the expansion of the program to 24-weeks. We will also cover updates to the Economic Injury Disaster Loan (EIDL) program including the most up to date status of the program and applications.

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Emerging from Quarantine

Matt Burke and guest speaker Theresa Regnante of United Way of Long Island discussed the nonprofit sector as it begins to emerge from quarantine, and what needs to happen to keep it healthy.

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Cybersecurity

Ken Cerini and guest speaker Kevin Urso of Connected Technology discussed the importance of protecting your data – especially when working remotely, proper steps to take when there is suspected malicious activity, safely backing up files, and more!

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Effectively Telling Your Story

Ken Cerini and guest speaker Sherry Goldman of Goldman Communications Group discussed best practices for nonprofits wanting to tell their story – every day and also in these Covid-19 impacted times.