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Innovative Strategies for Open Enrollment and Benefits Communication

Download the PowerPoint Here: Guest Speakers Edward Probst and Tommy DiMisa from Vanguard Insurance Agency discussed: • Developing an effective communication plan • Taking a proactive approach to employee education • Easing the administrative burden on your HR Department • Adapting to remote or geographically diverse employees • Budgeting for Technology to create efficiencies

2021 Nonprofit Audit Committee Bootcamp: Roles and Responsibilities

“From “Uh Oh…” to Aha!” Transforming your Organization with Great IT

Download the Powerpoint here: Joshua Peskay from Roundtable Technology covered: • What are the characteristics of high functioning IT? • How can high functioning IT transform your organization? • How can you assess your current level of IT? • What is the return-on-investment for IT spending? Free copy of eBook: Sign up for a brief discovery call to learn more about RoundTable’s free Complete IT Systems Assessment for your organization: Joshua Peskay has been helping non-profit organizations get more out of technology since the 1990s. He’s helped more than a thousand nonprofits to advance their missions through more effective leveraging of technology. Joshua works every day to demystify technology to help mission-driven people and organizations thrive.

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Social Enterprise

Ken Cerini, CPA and guest speakers Linda Berman of The Corporate Source and Michael Kitakis of Spirit of Huntington discussed success stories of training and placing individuals with disabilities into the workplace and more!

Nonprofit Governance Bootcamp – What Your Board Needs To Know (Part 2)

Download the materials here: David Goldstein of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman discussed: -Fiduciary Duties Of Board Members And Officers Under New York Law -Potential Personal Liability Of Board Members And Officers For Breach Of Duty -A Roadmap For Governance Compliance -Traps For The Unwary, Enforcement Actions And Litigation

Cerini Nonprofit Connection: Technology Solutions for Nonprofits

Ken Cerini, CPA and guest speaker Michael Halperin of Solarus Technologies discussed technology issues facing nonprofits, ways to better manage your team remotely, how to ensure you are getting the most out of your technology budget, and more!

Work from Home Minefields for Employers

**This webinar is relevant to for-profit businesses and nonprofit organizations** Doug Rowe of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman, LLP covered: • Wage and hour issues • What about the discrimination laws? • Privacy and protecting trade secrets • Vaccinations in the workplace

Vanguard Employer Education Event 1-27-21

Healthcare Costs In Retirement

Nonprofit Trends 2021

Download the PowerPoint Here: Ken Cerini, CPA, CFP, FABFA, discussed trends in the nonprofit sector in: Marketing, Fundraising, Operations, Technology, and much more!

Did You Know that you Don’t Have to Take Your Social Security Retirement Benefits at Age 62?

You can defer your Social Security retirement benefits until you’re 70. And there are good reasons why you may want to do exactly that. Now more than ever, it’s important for you to know how to get the most from your Social Security. Learn how to make the right calls when it comes to Social Security and your retirement. Presented by: Jim McTighe & David Freitag Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC

Powered by Professionals Virtual Event Highlight Video

“Additional Coronavirus Response and Relief” Package – Stimulus for Businesses and Nonprofits

**Information as of January 7, 2021** Included in the recently passed and signed 2021 annual appropriations bill was a myriad of various COVID-19 stimulus and relief provisions. Rather than being a separate bill with a clever acronym, this relief was included in the overall appropriations package of over 5,500 in an effort to expedite its passage. The size and sprawling nature of this was heavily criticized, however, for businesses and nonprofit organizations, the three most crucial parts of this bill are the “COVID Related Tax Relief Act of 2020,” “Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2020,” and the “

Nonprofit Governance Bootcamp – What Your Board Needs To Know (Part 1)

David Goldstein of Certilman Balin Adler & Hyman discussed: – Fiduciary Duties Of Board Members And Officers Under New York Law – Potential Personal Liability Of Board Members And Officers For Breach Of Duty – Governance Legal Requirements That Every Nonprofit Needs To Know – The Impact Of The Pandemic On Nonprofit Governance – A Roadmap For Governance Compliance

Five Big Fundraising Topics Every Nonprofit Needs to Address … A$AP!

Richard Peck of New Hampshire Charitable Foundation covered fundraising topics nonprofits need to know including: • How non-cash gifts are overlooked from a nonprofit’s top donors, and how a community foundation can help • How have bequests benefited your institution? Should you be advertising them? • Do you know what kind of impact your donors are trying to make beyond your own nonprofit institution? • What is “family philanthropy,” and how can it positively affect your nonprofit? • Do you know your local professional advisor network? They know your donors (and potential donors)!

Cybersecurity Panel

View our Cybersecurity Panel moderated by Shari Diamond of Cerini & Associates, LLP and featuring guest panelists Kevin Urso of Connected Technology, LLC, Joseph Horowitz of Stetson Cybergroup, and Michael Fleischer of SterlingRisk Insurance.

Employer Contributions – All You Need To Know

Designing an Employer Contribution strategy that is both attractive to employees and fits within a budget is a challenge many Employers face. Recruits are more concerned with Employee Benefits than ever before. This presentation covers unique strategies employers can implement, and how to do so in a manner that is complaint with State and Federal legislative requirements.

Arts Managmenet Forum- Annual Appeal Messaging During a Pandemic

You can’t rely on the same messaging you use for your usual appeals! Afterall, these are not usual times. Your appeals need to reflect that if you want to connect with donors and raise money during this pandemic. So, how do you craft a message that resonates with donors and inspires them to give during the most uncertain time in recent history? Join us on November 18 for a virtual conversation with Ken Cerini (Cerini and Associates) and Patrick Barry (The Resource Group) as we discuss strategies for a sucessful 2020 campaign. In addition, we’ll review all the ways the CARES act provides individuals and corporations increased tax incentives for charitable giving, in hopes of encouraging donations and stimulating philanthropy throughout the U.S.

How to Hire & Onboard Staff During a Pandemic

Download the Powerpoint Here: Brandi Desousa of PNP Staffing Group discussed tips and strategies on hiring and onboarding staff during a pandemic, keeping staff engaged to prevent turnover, and more!

Online Fundraising Virtual Events in a Pandemic

Download the Powerpoint Here: Darren Port of Powered By Professionals spoke about how to run a successful virtual event amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Future Of Employer Sponsored Benefits

Employee Benefits have never been more complex. Hear are discussion with Vince Ashton CEO of Healthpass on what to expect in the coming years.