What do you get when you become an Associate Member of the NRH?

As a member of the NRH, you are offered a number of opportunities to bring more visibility to your business, expand your reach within the nonprofit community, expand your network with other business owners, provide educational opportunities that support nonprofit organizations, attend meetings and events that will help you connect with the nonprofit community and other NRH Associate Members, and take advantage of some great member perks.

How We Help Your Business Grow

Business Growth

Most members  increase their connections as a result of joining the Nonprofit Resource Hub, either by receiving direct business from another Associate Member or by getting new business through a recommendation from another Associate Member or Nonprofit Partner. Sometimes these connections occur weeks after joining, while sometimes they take longer to realize. Either way, most members agree that the NRH has been instrumental in growing their connections.

Forming Personal Relationships

Let’s face it: people do business with those they know and trust – and that starts with members themselves. To help foster close relationships among the membership, in addition to attending the frequent meetings, members are encouraged to participate in one of the several committees, attend social events, and make house calls. At the NRH, our members develop friendships and become part of a trusted community.

Exceptional Opportunities to Connect

All of our Associate Members are either owners, partners or members of upper management in their companies. Because of this, the potential for high-level introductions is great. Member commitment to be accessible to each other is a major reason for the productivity and success of the organization. The success of the NRH concept is proven to be successful by our burgeoning growth and the expanding support and resources we provide to the nonprofit community.

Educational Opportunities

The NRH engages speakers on an ongoing basis to keep our members and partners apprised of trends, techniques and current events. We offer our Associate Members ample opportunity to present as a speaker, as well as partner with our partners in other like-minded organizations in order to provide our members and partners with the best possible resources out there.

NRH Associate Member Benefits Include:

  • Promoting your business and events through the NRH community and social media platforms
  • Participation in NRH signature meeting and events such as our
    • Board Development Conference
    • Member/Partner Meet & Greets
    • Webinars
    • Workshops
    • Ask the Expert
  • Attendance at all organization events (Quarterly Networking Events)
  • Access to resources and expertise
  • Ability to share information on the organization’s website, blogs, newsletters
  • Linkage to the organization’s website and social media promotions
  • Brand exposure to the nonprofit sector
  • Access to other vetted professionals in the nonprofit sector to assist their clients and obtain referrals from
  • Exchange leads and referrals with fellow NRH Associate Members
  • Speaking and professional development opportunities
  • Access to the NRH Associate Member directory
  • Newsletter covering events, programs, and relevant business topics

If you would like to become a member, please fill out our Associate Member Application below.

Associate Membership Application

This application is for companies that qualify for Associate Membership only.

If you are with a nonprofit organization, please click here.