What is an Associate Member?

Our Associate Membership consists of leading businesses represented by their owners or principal senior executives. Every member company admitted only after careful qualification, is the exclusive representative of its specific business category.


When you participate in the Nonprofit Resource Hub (NRH) you become part of an exclusive community of professionals held to the highest standards of products, services, and professionalism. We work to build and bridge relationships with our vetted service providers and nonprofit partners to create a network of trusted
professionals – all working together to contribute towards the greater good.


  • Your membership is EXCLUSIVE to your category of service
  • You will have the NRH “SEAL OF APPROVAL”
  • Direct access to key decision-makers in the nonprofit sector
  • Establish brand exposure within the nonprofit sector
  • Ability to exchange business leads or seek counsel with other respected
    industry leaders
  • Gain insight on industry challenges and situations
  • Participate in our webinars, seminars, and workshops as a guest speaker
  • Attend exclusive “members only” events
  • Find reliable sources for both personal and professional needs

Broaden your horizons and extend the reach of your online presence through:

  • Your company’s presence and engagement on the NRH Website
  • Share your events on the Events Calendar
  • Post your company job opening on the NRH Job Board
  • Contribute to and/or be featured in the NRH Newsletter
  • Share and submit your company blogs to the NRH Blog
  • Start or participate in a conversation with others in the NRH community through our Social Media Platforms