What is a Nonprofit Partner?


A Nonprofit Partner is an established nonprofit organization with a 501(c)(3) tax status. They may include organizational leaders such as board members, Executive Directors, Directors of Development, Programming, and more.

When you join the Nonprofit Resource Hub (NRH), you join an exclusive community of professionals dedicated to upholding the highest standards of professionalism and support. Together, we cultivate genuine relationships among vetted Associate Members and Nonprofit Partners, uniting us as trusted professionals working towards a common good.


  • Someone who understands what the NRH does to support nonprofit organizations, wants to take advantage of those opportunities, participates, and connects with the other Nonprofit Partners and Associate Members.
  • Someone who is passionate about their organization’s mission.
  • Someone who knows what they and their organization bring to the table that will benefit the NRH Nonprofit Partners and Associate Members alike.
  • Someone who knows where they could use the help, support, and resources of the NRH to help grow and support their nonprofit.
  • Someone willing to share appropriate resources with other nonprofit organizations.
  • Someone willing to help the NRH learn about the needs of nonprofits and help us work on providing better programming and services to the nonprofit community.
  • Someone who can and wants to commit to the time and participation required to be an active and successful Nonprofit Partner in the NRH community. (approximately 3 hours a month)


  • Community Building Opportunities: Connect with other nonprofit leaders and organizations.
  • Access to Valuable Resources: Find reliable resources for both personal and professional needs.
  • Direct Access to Vetted Professionals: Access highly vetted NRH Associate Members who are seasoned professionals in their fields.
  • Educational Opportunities: Attend the NRH “Ask the Expert” series, educational workshops, webinars, and two nonprofit conferences per year.
  • Event Access: Enjoy free entry to all NRH events – except our conference.
  • Visibility and Promotion: Link your organization’s website and social media promotions, increasing visibility within the NRH community and to potential supporters.
  • Information Sharing: Share information on the organization’s website, blogs, and newsletters, and post job and volunteer opportunities.
  • Business Exchange: Exchange business leads or seek counsel with other respected industry leaders.
  • Event Promotion: Post your organization’s events on the NRH website and social media platforms.
  • Increased Online Presence: Broaden your horizons and extend the reach of your online presence through the NRH website, events calendar, job board, newsletter, and social media platforms.
  • Becoming a Nonprofit Partner is free!
Fill out our Nonprofit Partner application to get started.