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NRH is a trade association whose mission is to serve, be a resource to, educate, and connect its members to the nonprofit community. At the same time, NRH serves the nonprofit sector as a bridge connecting nonprofit organizations to resources and to each other.

Benefits of Being an NRH Nonprofit Partner:

  • Community Building Opportunities: Connect with other nonprofit leaders and organizations.
  • Access to Valuable Resources: Find reliable resources for both personal and professional needs.
  • Direct Access to Vetted Professionals: Access highly vetted NRH Associate Members who are seasoned professionals in their fields.
  • Educational Opportunities: Attend the NRH “Ask the Expert” series, educational workshops, webinars, and two nonprofit conferences per year.
  • Event Access: Enjoy free entry to all NRH events – except our conference.
  • Visibility and Promotion: Link your organization’s website and social media promotions, increasing visibility within the NRH community and to potential supporters.
  • Single Point of Access: Utilize the NRH as a single point of access to pertinent industry information, resources, I.E. current grant opportunities, insights on industry challenges and situations, and vetted providers of goods and services.
  • Information Sharing: Share information on the organization’s website, blogs, and newsletters, and post job and volunteer opportunities.
  • Business Exchange: Exchange business leads or seek counsel with other respected industry leaders.
  • Event Promotion: Post your organization’s events on the NRH website and social media platforms.
  • Increased Online Presence: Broaden your horizons and extend the reach of your online presence through the NRH website, events calendar, job board, newsletter, and social media platforms.

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