The Power Of Collaboration

The Power Of Collaboration

Why You Should Be Collaborating with Your Friends and Colleagues in the NRH Community

When you join a community like the Nonprofit Resource Hub, you do it with the intent to establish trusted and long-lasting relationships with the Associate Members and Nonprofit Partners, exchange ideas, give and gain support,  and grow your business. 

The business world  is competitive but when you put effort into cultivating authentic relationships with those within the community, your business can actually thrive. Whether you’re in the for profit or nonprofit sectors, competition is unavoidable, but there also exists a wellspring of opportunities to collaborate with the other members and partners in the NRH community. When you make a concerted effort to collaborate, you open your business and/or nonprofit up to new ideas, new connections, problem solving techniques, and diversifying income streams.

What does it mean to collaborate with another small business?

Regardless of your industry or size, collaboration is a great tool that will help you build your business. Typically, collaboration is businesses working together to solve problems and achieve goals that seem to be out of reach when working alone.

When you combine the expertise, perspectives and skills of the people and organizations you collaborate with, all parties involved are better able to innovate, grow, and gain support. This stands true for the for profit and nonprofit businesses.

Benefits of business collaboration can fall under the following categories:

• Physical Capital – Share resources, equipment, facilities, or raw materials.

• Human Capital – Increase employment, develop employees’ skills and knowledge, encourage staff motivation, etc.

• Intellectual Capital – Tap into combined knowledge, capabilities, skills or expertise.

• Financial Benefits – Cut costs by sharing resources, bidding for larger contracts, etc.

But exactly how does it work?

Business Development: Collaboration helps small businesses compete with larger brands by combining knowledge, resources, consumer reach and technology. Both collaborating businesses will thrive as a result of their combined efforts to help one another. Through collaboration, you can achieve mutual growth, and will benefit from teamwork.

Expand Your Network: Collaborating with another business provides you the opportunity to develop a broader network than your business has on its own. When you collaborate with another business you present as a team, form alliances and reach new audiences.

Appeal To Grantmakers and Funders: When nonprofit organizations collaborate, they are joining forces to solve a problem. By bringing your skills, talent, and resources together, you are helping the process move at a faster rate and you are able to work more efficiently with your teams. This is an appeal to grantmakers and funders, as they are able to sooner see the results of the projects they fund and analyze the metrics of those investments. This can help ensure greater funding in the future for all of the nonprofits participating in the collaboration.

Inspire Innovation:  Collaboration is the spark that ignites  innovation because everyone brings a unique set of skills, knowledge, approaches, experiences and ideas to the table. Working together and honoring those differences opens the door to new ideas through instituting those unique perspectives. Collaboration inspired constant innovation. If you don’t innovate in today’s highly competitive marketplace, your business won’t be sustainable.

Share Knowledge: One of the biggest benefits of collaboration is the opportunity to learn and share  knowledge. Every interaction you have with someone outside of your own immediate circle can teach you something valuable. Some of the most fruitful business collaborations include two or more professionals who bring different perspectives, skill sets and knowledge to the table.

When you collaborate you can capitalize on the resources, knowledge, ideas and skills of others. Having a broader understanding of other areas and business practices can feed into your own decision-making processes and day-to-day business activities.

Solve Problems: Try to recall a recent challenge you encountered in your business. Did you reach out to a mentor, a partner, or some other trusted resource to get some guidance? When you collaborate with another business, you have a pool of people working on problems who can offer ideas to best solve the problem. By adding a new perspective from those you collaborate with, you often get results in the outcome going beyond what you expected to achieve.

The Takeaway

Collaboration is an integral part of building your relationships, your brand, and your business. Those on the receiving end of your collaboration are benefitting by having access to more resources, skills, and pool of talent. Through collaboration, you can achieve mutual growth, expand your networks, build your client list, and your brand. As a member of the NRH community, you are provided with the best talent, resources, and opportunities to work with others within the community to grow your business. Take advantage of those offerings and make the investment in building your relationships with the NRH community. The opportunities await. 

The Nicholas Center -a Decade of Championing Neurodiversity

Local organization supports individuals with Autism to learn, live and work in their community

April 11, 2022, Port Washington, NY – For over a decade, The Nicholas Center (TNC), a pre-eminent nonprofit organization specializing in Autism vocational training, community partnerships and peer connections, has revolutionized the way Autistic adults learn, live and work.

Based in Port Washington, the organization experienced a meteoric rise from its early days where the idea took shape in a small backyard barn in Plandome Manor, NY. Today, the organization supports over 120 Autistic individuals in two locations, both in-person and via remote. During the pandemic, TNC was successful in expanding services to a second location in Westchester, NY.

Stella L. Spanakos, Co-Founder and “mom-on-a-mission” started the organization, with Co-Founders, Nicole Sugrue and Patrick Bardsley to offer community engagement, vocational experiences and jobs, and peer engagement for her son, Nicholas, and others like him. Pleased to call Port Washington home, The Nicholas Center has woven itself into the fabric of community life – adding value by offering volunteer services to over twenty local non-profits and businesses, including Community Chest of Port Washington, Plant-a-Row-for-the-Hungry, North Shore Animal League of America, the Science Museum of Long Island.

This year, The Nicholas Center, along with partner, Spectrum Designs Foundation supported 14 individuals with Autism to earn certifications in Screen Printing, Food Handling and as Washroom Technicians. For 16-weeks, participants studied in-class and trained on-site at Spectrum Designs Foundation in Port Washington, gaining knowledge and on-the-job experience. A graduation ceremony was held to celebrate the graduates. “I am very proud of us for what we accomplished. It was a lot of work, but with this amazing program, we made it and are graduating” said graduate Brendan B. Funding for this program was provided by a New York State Department of Labor grant and administered by The Nicholas Center Vocational Support team.

The organization champions inclusion at work and in the community. For individuals who have been marginalized, “marching in a parade, is not just marching in a parade,” says Stella. Participating in activities that comprise community life is much more than a parade, a community project or a job – it means progress is being made for a population facing an 85% unemployment and under engagement rate once school ends at 21. The Nicholas Center is proud to be a leader in advocating for those voiceless in our society and are grateful to Port Washington and surrounding communities for their continuing support of our mission statement – to create innovative programs and services that allow Autistic individuals learn, live and work in the community.

Now more than ever, inclusion is pivotal to enriching community life. We learn from the differences of others and become better for it. For more information, please log on to: and follow us on FacebookInstagram, and LinkedIn

The Nicholas Center is a 501c3 non-profit organization, supporting individuals with Autism in leading full and productive lives in the community. A population facing 85% unemployment and under engagement after age 21, the program successfully supports and advocates for inclusion and opportunity. A recipient of the NY Senate Empire Business Award, “the most socially innovative agency of its kind in NY State,” and Nonprofit of the Year and Diversity in Business awards from Long Island Business News, The Nicholas Center is a proud member of the Port Washington and Pleasantville Chambers of Commerce and the Business Council of Westchester. 


Helping and supporting individuals with Autism lead full and productive lives in the community.

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