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About Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC

Lee, Nolan & Koroghlian, LLC, Founded in 1991, we take great pride in helping neighbors, friends, families and business owners make good financial decisions, and we hold a strong belief that doing business the right way leads to long-lasting relationships with the communities we serve. We take a great deal of pride in knowing that we’re helping our clients secure their financial futures.  

Jim McTighe has been guiding individuals, business owners, and non-profit organizations with insurance strategies for over 30 years.  Specializing in protection products such a life, disability, and long-term care insurances, his strategies solve for a whole host of issues as it relates to estate and business planning.  With an understanding of the unique challenges faced by the non-profit sector when it comes to benefit planning, Jim is passionate about helping organizations enhance their overall compensation package to help attract and retain talent, and make their benefits that much more competitive.   Jim works closely with his clients to gain a deep understanding of their hopes, dreams, and goals and provides them with them with information they need to make well informed decisions.  Jim is committed to providing the highest level of service and provides a diverse array of products from over 30 different carriers.

Jim has been involved with a number of non-profits organizations on a volunteer basis including the American Red Cross, Nassau Suffolk Law Services, Queens Botanical Garden, Coalition Against Child Abuse and Neglect, Winthrop University Hospital , as well as the Lapchick Character Award, which he now runs.

Jim has been an associate of Lee, Nolan, & Koroghlian, LLC, a MassMutual firm, for the past 28 years.  The firm is one of the largest and most advanced insurance firms in the greater New York area and has five locations throughout New York and New Jersey.


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James V. McTighe


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