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About RoundTable Technology

RoundTable Technology is proud to work with over 200 nonprofit organizations, not only managing their IT environments, but also providing strategic consulting, training, budgeting, project engineering, compliance, security and data leadership. Founded in 2010. RoundTable has developed a proven process that removes the guesswork while addressing the unique challenges that nonprofits face – grants, fundraising, budget cycles and boards. RoundTable’s team of industry recognized leaders understand that technology is critical for success — and their mission is to ensure that nonprofits are equipped with the highest functioning systems.

RoundTable Technology believes that the highest quality service happens through true partnership. RoundTable will work alongside you and your organization to provide technology solutions that help you reach your unique goals. With RoundTable as a partner your staff will have the tools, services and information they need. Organizational leaders will benefit from RoundTable’s strategic and proactive planning as well as predictable cost structure.


Managed IT Support – Fast and Friendly 24/7/365 IT Support, Virtual CIO – Strategic IT Leadership, Co-Managed IT – Full-service Support for Your IT Team, Cybersecurity – Multiple Security Layers, Project Delivery – Expert Management and Implementation

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