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Africa Youth Congress

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We may never understand or agree on our differences, but we can create a new and better Africa by focusing on the things we have in common.

Africa Youth Congress, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization whose vision is to create a BORDERLESS AFRICA to unite and empower youths of African descent regardless of their country of origin, residence, race, language, religion, ethnicity, tribe, and social status. We are creating a virtual off-grid Africa that connects and trains our youths on the essentials of Pan-Africanism and provides them the right orientation and encouragement to better understand their common interests and challenges so that they can collaborate and work together towards common goals and solutions. We also provide them opportunities and access to activities, trainings, and resources in life-skills, entrepreneurship, and workforce development to empower them to become socially and economically independent. In this new virtual Africa, our youths can collaborate with each other and execute projects and transactions and partake in other fruitful and progressive activities and programs using barter-exchange, digital currencies, and other off-grid payment and funding options.

Our membership

We have two levels of membership. Level One Membership is open to all organizations that work to empower youths of African descent and have passed our KYC and vetting process to confirm their capacity and ability to deliver services and resources directly to youths in their locality. Youths who belong to these organizations will automatically become members of Africa Youth Congress and will receive our services and resources through their local organizations. Level One Membership is also open directly to youths of African descent who reside in locations where we do not have organization-members. Level Two Membership is open to all other organizations and individuals who are friends of Africa and are interested in supporting youths of African descent.  

Why we are doing this

Africa Youth Congress was founded by Texas-based Nigerian-American lawyer who represents foreign companies and investors in Africa and has traveled extensively through African countries. During such travels, Attorney Menes was alarmed that despite having common heritage and challenges, African youths are mostly disconnected from each other and often do not know or understand the issues that are being experienced by youths in other African countries and sometimes even in their own country. Consequently, the youths fail to realize the need to collaborate and support each other in order to find collective solutions to their common challenges and problems. Sadly, African youths are often uninterested and nonchalant when crises befall youths of neighboring countries and would sometimes dismiss the situation as “those people’s problem”, “those weak people” or “it will never happen to us”. But in actuality, if it is happening in one African country, then it could happen in any African country. Unfortunately, our youths often use existing social media platforms mostly for hookups and social purposes rather than to collaborate and collectively seek solutions to their common challenges. 

What Africa needs

Africa is endowed with millions of smart, talented and hardworking youths. Indeed, majority of Africa’s youths are not seeking the world’s pity, handouts, or hand-me-downs. Rather, our youths need and seek opportunities and access to business opportunities, markets, education and training, mentoring, technology, and other resources with which they could empower themselves and become economically self-sufficient. Africa Youth Congress is a platform and movement of new virtual off-grid Africa that truly frees up African youths and allows them to empowerment and future into their own hands without being held back by ever-revolving doors of corrupt and self-dealing politicians who continue to impoverish the continent by exploiting divisive characteristics of religion, language, race, national origin, tribe, ethnicity, etc. Through our new borderless Africa, African youths will be offered brand new opportunities to start on a clean slate and propel their future and destinies.

Special invitation

Hi, I am Attorney Jude (Jay) Menes the founder of Africa Youth Congress. I founded this organization because I strongly believe that at the end of our earthly journey, we will be remembered not by how much money we made during our lifetime, but by how many lives we touched. Because of this belief, I wish to personally invite you to join us in creating this borderless Africa that will touch and change lives of millions of youths. We are currently seeking volunteers to serve as interns, executive officers, advisors, mentors, trainers, life coaches, etc. So, whether you are an individual or an organization, I will like to personally discuss how you can support us by giving your time, skills, training, resources, or in anyway you may choose. My direct email address is and I look forward to collaborating with you to change lives. Thank you.


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