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Are you ready for the NY SHIELD Act?

We’ll start with the good news. States within the US are starting to implement

privacy regulations to protect our individual data. As individuals, this is good for us.

As leaders of nonprofits, small businesses or any entity that collects data as part of

doing business, these laws add new responsibilities and potential liabilities.

New York passed the (awkward acronym award winner) “Stop Hacks and Improve

Electronic Data Security Act” (SHIELD) Act on October 23, 2019, and the law went

into effect in March of 2020. 

Not surprisingly, minimal attention was paid to SHIELD Act compliance last March, as New York State was in the throes of the Covid pandemic. A year later, however, organizations are starting to receive audit requests for SHIELD compliance. 

Check out this video for an overview of what the SHIELD Act is:

How ready is your organization for a NY SHIELD audit? Here’s a great way to find out! Take RoundTable Technology’s secure and confidential NY SHIELD Readiness Checklist  to see how you score today! The Checklist will give you a score in each of the compliance categories. You’ll receive recommendations and resources for those areas where it looks like you’ll need to make improvements.
RoundTable also invites you to download the free guide, “NY SHIELD Act Playbook”.

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