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In-Person Event COVID-19 Recommendations

Below you will find our current COVID-19 requirement recommendations as of August 4, 2021. These recommendations are subject to change based on information provided by the state of New York and the CDC in the coming weeks.
Powered by Professionals In-Person Event COVID-19 Recommendations:

• Masks will need to be worn over nose and mouth when not seated, drinking, or eating. Currently, masks are recommended in New York for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals.
• Please maintain a 3-foot distance between all guests. Areas that require lines like restrooms, check-in and beverage stations should have markers on the floor to ensure 3-foot distance.
• Prior to arrival at the event, make it necessary for attendees to complete an online health declaration.
• It will be mandatory to be vaccinated against COVID-19 to attend the event. Negative COVID-19 test results will not suffice in place of being vaccinated. Vaccination status will be checked upon arrival to event during the check-in process.
o New York based event attendees may present either their vaccination card or proof of vaccination via the New York Vaccination App on their smartphone.
o Out of state event attendees must present physical vaccination card on site at event.
• The name and contact number of every guest will be confirmed during the event check in process to conduct contact tracing if necessary.
• Offer color-coded wristbands to event attendees to indicate their level of comfortability.
o Example: Red equals no contact; yellow indicates an elbow bump is okay; green means go in for the hug or the high-five.

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