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Joining Nonprofit Resource Hub

Hello Nonprofit Resource Hub!

The Little Saint Nick Foundation (LSNF), a registered 501C3 non-profit organization, has the mission of “Kids Inspiring and Helping Kids”. This mission is to not only help kids and families in need who are ill, but to inspire kids and young adults to give back to those kids in need. LSNF has developed many anxiety relief programs that include an emergency department gift bag program, family care package program, hospital toy give-away parties, and wish granting, all centered upon improving the lives of sick kids and their families. Check out our website:

LSNF was founded by myself at the age of six in 2004. I had suffered from a rare childhood hip disorder but was fortunate enough not to have any life-threatening illnesses and fully recovered. I decided that I needed to give back to the kids who I had left behind at the hospital, and my goal was to ease the anxiety and fear of those kids in need. For the past 16 years, LSNF has helped over two million kids and families in need. Check out our organization ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange last year and other videos:

We are currently based in New York and Florida, as we are expanding our mission across the country by opening up chapters and student organizations at universities. We are seeking guidance on how to scale our organization and new fundraising ideas other than traditional events. We are also looking to partner with other nonprofits. We believe there are many ways nonprofits can work together and help more people, even if the missions aren’t exactly aligned.

I look forward to making connections and building relationships on this great hub!

-Ray Mohler

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