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Nonprofit Partner Spotlight: October

The NRH is happy to welcome one of our newest Nonprofit Partners, Justin Wheeler, Founder of Ambassadors of the Way. We sat down with Justin to find our more about his organization and why he wanted to be part of the NRH community.

NRH: Justin, welcome to the Nonprofit Resource Hub! We are really excited to have you and Ambassadors of the Way join our community. Can you tell us about your organization?

JW: We provide food, clothing, contraceptives, and addiction recovery plans to the homeless population or anyone in need.

NRH: Tell us about yourself. How and why did you choose this organization to work with?

JW: I am a college graduate who is currently going for a CASAC certification. I always wanted to educate myself on why programs were created, and how people can benefit from them. I value and respect everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or income. I chose to create this organization after years of working in the mental health and homeless field. I was self-taught in things individuals need to acquire to be acclimated to society comfortably. The reason I put effort into this organization is that I want people to have a fair chance at life. 

NRH: Tell us what your goals are for your organization this coming year?

JW: My goal this year is to make people aware of my organization and the opportunities I can give them. I want people to contact me about their goals and issues so we can create a plan that can get them to where they strive to be. 

NRH: Tell us about one success story you are really proud of.

JW: A big success that I cherish greatly is helping a homeless individual with food, clothing, and referrals to different agencies for housing and health services. There are a million people that need help, but one person gives me hope for the future.

NRH: What is the biggest challenge to working in the nonprofit industry (or with your organization in particular) since the start of the pandemic?

JW: This pandemic has caused frustration and confusion in the community. It has affected me from being able to attend indoor events and important meetings that would help my organization. It is challenging, but it is nothing but a minor roadblock towards my vision.

NRH: What’s the latest event you are promoting for your organization and how can the community get involved to support you?

JW: The latest event I’m promoting my organization is the Health and Wellness Fair on November 6, 2021, from 12-4 PM at Tanner Park in Copiague, NY. I am co-sponsoring the event with a couple of mental health organizations, health trainers, and more vendors. The community can get involved by stopping by and seeing all the vendors and what they offer. People can also go to my website and donate to the cause.

NRH: What are you most looking forward to as a new Nonprofit Partner with the NRH?

JW: I am most looking forward to networking with the organizations and picking the brains of brilliant minds. I love learning everything possible to make myself aware and make my organization a solid foundation in society that people can respect.

NRH: How can we get in touch with you?

JW: You can reach out to me by writing on my website, email, or phone. or call or text me at 631-327-6073.

NRH: Is there anything else you would like to share with the NRH community?

JW: I want everyone to know that they are not alone. I give 100% and will never quit on someone who needs assistance.

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