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How an Online Store Can Benefit Your Nonprofit

As a promotional marketer, I’m often asked by nonprofits what they can do to increase their visibility and attract more donors. There are many ways to answer those questions, but it’s important to first consider current trends and issues as we take on 2022.

It’s no surprise that since 2020, the way we do pretty much everything has shifted. We have streamlined our lives to accommodate the need for things to be quicker and easier. This applies not only to our personal lives, but to our businesses as well. Nonprofits must also streamline things to survive and thrive in this new era.

There are several ways an online store can benefit your nonprofit, and the points below will provide you with information about seven of those key benefits.

  1. Higher Visibility

In 2022, most nonprofits are experiencing more competition than ever before. With so many nonprofits trying to get noticed and taking a portion of potential donations, it’s important for nonprofits to revise their income strategies.

An online store is a great way to make your nonprofit more visible. Having an online storefront will help you spread information about your mission and message. When people buy branded products, your nonprofit expands brand awareness in the community. Branded apparel, goods, and printed materials all offer opportunity to increase your nonprofit’s visibility.

This allows you to push beyond your existing community of donors to reach the family and friends of people who are already supporting your cause. With the click of a button, more people will learn about what your nonprofit is doing in the world.

  • Increased Donations

Selling products isn’t just good for generating income through sales. Many people who purchase products from your nonprofits store will also choose to donate to your cause. An online market presence offers the potential to move beyond the single donation, generating a more consistent base of recurring donations.

You can maximize this potential by adding a donation option at checkout for your online store. Offer a couple of different predefined donation amount options (either fixed sums or a percentage of their total purchase). This will encourage customers to donate beyond their purchase amount.

  • Improved SEO

Creating an online store for your nonprofit can help drive more traffic to your website. Not only will shoppers click through from the shop to the rest of your site, but offering an online store can help you improve your ranking in search engines.

In an age where a website’s SEO can make or break its success, improving SEO is an important part of every nonprofit’s business strategy.

  • Better Information Gathering

When people purchase items from your nonprofit’s online store, you can gather their personal information for future outreach campaigns. Even if they make a small purchase, their email address and contact information can be used for future fundraising campaigns. This can help you educate them about your cause and drive further sales and donations down the road.

  • Low Startup and Operating Costs

Creating an online store costs less than having and running a physical storefront. That makes an online store a cost-effective way to generate more income for your nonprofit. Online store platforms are an easy, affordable, and reliable way to increase income.

Since the startup and operating costs are so low, you can maximize profits on items sold in your store. While donations will continue to help fund your nonprofit’s mission, the revenue created by an online store will go a long way in funding the organization.

  • Increased Event Attendance

You can increase attendance for your nonprofit’s events by selling event tickets in your online store. Events like classes, workshops, or panel discussions can bring in even more income through ticket sales. If your nonprofit is hosting a fundraising dinner, selling tickets to the event in your online store is an easy way to get people to attend the event.

  • Opportunity for Community Education

If your nonprofit has education resources, an online shop is a great way to get your resources into the hands of more people. Books, brochures, guides and online courses can be sold through your nonprofit’s store. When people purchase these products, it’s an opportunity to educate them about your cause and drive donations to your nonprofit.


An online shop is a powerful way to increase revenue for your nonprofit. It provides higher visibility for your cause and drives future donors to your site. Since an online store is inexpensive to start and manage, it’s one of the best things your nonprofit can do as it strives to expand in 2022.

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