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Traditional Vs. Modern CFO/CEO Relationships

October 31, 2023

In a spooktacular Halloween episode of the Nonprofit Show, the hosts welcome Andrew Miller, Director of Your Part-Time Controller, to discuss the evolving role of CFOs in the nonprofit sector. Enjoy this fun and insightful discussion shedding light on the changing of nonprofit financial leadership.

Julia and Jarrett set the stage with a warm welcome, acknowledging the Halloween spirit and introducing Andrew, who eagerly explores the topic of traditional versus modern CFO-CEO relationships in the nonprofit world.

Andrew begins with discussing the traditional role of a CFO, which primarily focused on accounting accuracy, regulatory compliance, risk management, and historical financial reporting.

Andrew then jumps into the transformation of the CFO role in the modern age, highlighting the shift towards forward-facing financial forecasting, leveraging technology for efficiency, and embracing change management. Andrew emphasizes the importance of the modern CFO’s role in providing strategic analysis and fostering a partnership with the CEO, and he also stressed the importance of leadership, strategic planning, and change management skills for modern CFOs.

Traditional vs Modern CFO/CEO Relationships! from American Nonprofit Academy on Vimeo.

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