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Compensation Consulting: The Ultimate Guide (+ Top Firms!)

When it comes to employee compensation, there are rarely any easy answers. This is true for organizations of all shapes and sizes—whether you’re scaling up your operations and experiencing employee retention issues or simply auditing and re-evaluating what you offer your employees.

The difficulty lies in the fact that compensation needs are ever-changing. In order to stay competitive and hire the best talent (and retain those employees), you have to keep an eye on the economy and the job market for similar positions. Plus, compensation needs can change over time. For example, schedule flexibility has become a top priority for employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and employers have had to adjust their compensation strategies to respond to that priority.

For many organizations, the best solution to compensation issues is to turn to the advice of a third-party expert—a compensation consultant. Investing in compensation consulting services can result in a stronger, more sustainable compensation strategy for your organization that can help you recruit and retain the best employees. But how do you get started?

In this guide to compensation consulting, we’ll answer this question by delving into the following:

Before investing in compensation consulting services, it’s critical that you explore your options. If you’re ready to learn more about what compensation consultants do and to begin researching various firms, this is the article for you! Let’s begin.

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Why Your Approach To Employee Compensation Matters

Developing a clear strategy for how team members are compensated for their contributions is essential. It lays concrete groundwork for growth and reflects your organization’s values, mission, vision, and priorities in a more tangible way than just a mission statement. A strong compensation strategy gives your employees insight into why their contributions are valued, not just how much they’re valued.

This is even more important during times of uncertainty and crisis. With a global pandemic and mass social movements affecting your employees’ everyday lives, it’s worth it to take a closer look at how you compensate them for their contributions.

After all, the United States has seen a recent surge in turnover so historic it’s been termed “The Great Resignation.” According to SHRM, 4.5 million people resigned in November 2021 alone. Navigating The Great Resignation isn’t easy, but refreshing your approach to compensation is an effective way to strengthen your retention strategy during this time. Let’s explore the role that compensation consulting can play as you improve your compensation approach.

Compensation Consulting: What Does a Consultant Do?

Some organizations may hesitate to seek valuable assistance from a compensation consultant simply because they are unsure if a compensation consultant can provide value to their operations. The core role of a compensation consultant is to evaluate an organization’s current approach to compensation and suggest actionable and sustainable changes that can increase employee satisfaction and improve retention, all while helping the organization to remain as efficient as possible with its money.

There are a number of services a compensation consultant might provide to fulfill this role, including:

  • Evaluation and Development of Compensation Strategy and Policies: A compensation consultant will meet you where you’re at. They’ll take a look at how your organization has handled compensation so far and then help you design a strategy that will ensure compensation packages and policies are aligned with your larger organizational aims and strategies.
  • Job Evaluation Plan: Compensation consulting involves looking at individual roles as part of the organization as a whole. With a job evaluation plan, a compensation consultant can help you address each role’s relative value at your organization to ensure that every employee is compensated fairly.
  • External Market Analysis: Some organizations struggle to offer competitive pay when hiring, while others end up overspending on compensation. Through external market analysis, a consultant can help you find the middle-of-the-road solution that will get the top talent applying to your organization and keep you within your budget.
  • Creation of Incentive/Variable Compensation ProgramsIf employees at your organization receive commissions on sales or bonuses after a successful quarter, your compensation consultant can help you weave these more complex compensation methods into your larger strategy and create sustainable programs.
  • Performance ManagementOrganizations increasingly base compensation on performance. When you work with a compensation consultant, they can assist you in establishing performance-based pay and the policies associated with it.
  • Executive CompensationWith multiple elements to monitor and maintain (base salary, short-term and long-term incentives, perquisites, etc.) executive compensation is complex and, at times, controversial. Consultants help organizations take an approach to executive compensation that will satisfy your executives, employees, and other stakeholders.
  • Employee Communication: Employees value transparency, especially when it comes to compensation. The best compensation consultants will ensure you clearly lay out your new and improved strategy and create a plan to field questions and concerns.

We also recommend looking for a compensation consultant who can see beyond the hard numbers and take a total rewards approach to compensationA total rewards approach means viewing how your organization compensates its employees comprehensively.

This includes direct financial compensation and traditional benefits like insurance and retirement funds and also encompasses indirect compensation elements like flexibility, performance recognition, career development opportunities, and even internal culture. This holistic approach can lead to better employee performance and productivity and help your organization stand out to job candidates.

A total rewards approach and the services listed above are the strategies a compensation consultant can bring to the table to help you improve how your organization handles compensation. When hiring a compensation consultant, make sure you carefully consider the specific strategies they offer and how those strategies suit your specific needs.

Compensation Consulting: How to Hire a Consultant

Finding the right compensation consultant is more of a marathon than a sprint. There are a few steps you’ll need to take to make sure you’re getting the best assistance for your organization’s specific needs. These steps are:

This graphic outlines the seven steps to hiring a compensation consulting.
  1. Review your needs. The first thing you need to do once you’ve decided you want to work with a compensation consultant is to identify what you need help with. Does your organization need help with designing competitive executive compensation packages? Are you interested in offering new non-financial benefits to entry-level employees?
  2. Discuss with your organization’s leaders. Your business or nonprofit leaders, HR team, and other top-level management should all be on the same page before you hire a consultant. This will not only help ensure you’re working within an agreed upon budget, but will also prepare everyone to work with your consultant to get the most out of your partnership with them.
  3. Outline some guidelines. Your guidelines for your consultant should include a general budget, an estimated time frame for the partnership, and an estimated start date.
  4. Begin your research. Don’t just go with the first compensation consultant you find on Google. You’ll need to thoroughly research your options! This can include getting recommendations from professional colleagues, reading through online lists of the top recommended firms (like the one below!), and checking out different consultants’ work experience.
  5. Draft an RFP. RFP stands for request for proposal. When looking for a compensation consultant, you need to communicate your needs and guidelines to your consultant with this written document. This will give the consultant the information they need to decide if your organization could truly benefit from their services and give them material to build a proposal. Make sure you review this document with your organization’s leadership.
  6. Compare the candidates. After doing thorough research, narrow down your potential consultants to a short list. Reach out to them, introduce yourself, and submit your RFP. Don’t forget to choose a date for them to submit their proposal to you.
  7. Make your pick. Once you receive the completed proposals from your candidates, review them with your team. Then, you can pick your consultant and start working together!

Hiring a fundraising consultant requires due diligence. But like any big investment, the process of choosing the right compensation consulting expert will pay off in the end when you partner with the right person or firm. For a more comprehensive look at this process, check out our guide to hiring a compensation consultant.

Compensation Consulting: 14 Top Firms For Any Sector

Now that you’re familiar with the services a compensation consultant can provide to your organization and how to go about hiring one, it’s time to take a look at the top compensation consulting firms. Our list highlights experts who specialize in particular sectors or niches:

  1. Astron Solutions – Best Full-Service Compensation Consulting Firm
  2. RealHR Solutions – Best Compensation Consulting Firm for Organizations Who Are Scaling Up
  3. Compensation Advisory Partners – Best for Large Corporations
  4. FW Cook – Best Consulting for Executive Compensation Strategy
  5. Johnson Associates – Best Compensation Consulting for the Financial Sector
  6. Semler Brossy – Best Compensation Consulting for Transitional Periods
  7. NFP Compensation Consulting – Best Compensation Consultants for Corporate Benefits
  8. Mercer – Best Compensation Consulting Firm for Global Executives
  9. Alliant – Best For Health Benefits Design Consulting
  10. Pearl Meyer & Partners – Best Compensation Consultants for High-Growth Startups
  11. HR Works – Best Compensation Consultant for Affirmative Action Plans
  12. Compensation Resources – Best for Board Equity Compensation Consulting
  13. Brio Benefit Consulting – Best for Benefits-Focused Consulting Needs
  14. The VisionLink Advisory Group – Best for Variable Compensation Plan Design Consulting

In each section, we’ll provide an overview of the firm’s compensation consulting services as well as more information on what makes them stand out in their space.

No matter what sector you’re in, there’s a compensation consulting firm that can bring relevant experience to your organization and help you develop the best possible strategy for long-term growth and retention. Let’s get started!

1. Astron Solutions – Best Full-Service Compensation Consulting Firm

Overview of Astron Solutions

Astron Solutions is a full-service human resources and employee compensation consulting firm that’s been helping businesses and nonprofit organizations for over 20 years.

We believe that simplifying compensation and human resources processes is the best way to keep your organization’s big picture goals in focus. Our fully customized approach has guided a wide range of organizations, helping them boost employee engagement and retention with optimized compensation strategies that address all of their employees’ and executives’ priorities.

Contact Astron Solutions to learn more about their compensation consulting services.

Astron Solutions’ Top Employee Compensation Services

As a full-service compensation consulting firm, Astron Solutions has experience providing a wide range of employee compensation services for businesses and nonprofits. These include:

  • Total rewards consulting for base compensation strategy. We believe that a total rewards approach to compensation is the most effective way to create sustainable improvements for organizations. This is true if you’re rethinking your strategy for any reason, whether it’s due to the direct effects of recent disruptions or you want to combat ongoing retention and engagement issues.
  • Custom surveys that provide actionable information about total rewards needs in your organization. With customized surveys, we can collect and analyze data about industry trends and what your employees need and want from their compensation packages. Plus, you can rest assured that the collected data is secure, as we value confidentiality and ensure that our surveys meet legal antitrust requirements.
  • Specialized strategy development for executive and sales-based compensation. Executive and sales-based compensation can be particularly complex pieces of your broader strategies. Astron Solutions can walk you through developing and updating these programs, making sure to cater to the unique needs of your employees and culture.
  • Incentive and variable compensation program development to address specific goals. We can help you develop incentive and variable compensation plans that drive engagement for organizations of any size. By working closely with your team, we can create custom strategies tailored to your specific goals and constraints.
  • Policy development guidance to help HR departments effectively administer their new compensation programs. Once you’re done designing the best compensation strategy for your organization, you then have to implement it. When you partner with us, you receive guidance from professionals to ensure the new programs are successfully implemented and that all team members are on the same page now and down the line.

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

Few compensation consulting firms offer as wide a range of services to as wide a range of organizations as Astron Solutions. Astron Solutions is a leader in compensation consulting for small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. Oftentimes compensation consulting services (and their price tags) are targeted only towards large businesses, whereas Astron Solutions is equipped to help no matter your size.

Our customized approach is well-suited to tackling today’s unprecedented challenges, as well. From COVID-19-related challenges to internal cultural shifts and employee engagement issues, compensation strategy plays a significant role in shaping how your organization can adapt to change. We’ll help you focus on big picture goals while also adapting to the real-time challenges you face.

Contact Astron Solutions to learn more about our compensation consulting services.

2. RealHR Solutions – Best Compensation Consulting Firm for Organizations Who Are Scaling Up

Overview of RealHR Solutions

RealHR Solutions was created in 2005 with the primary objective of helping organizations (both nonprofit and for-profit) meet their business goals.

This firm understands the growing pains that come when organizations scale up their operations and prioritizes efficiency and positive internal culture to help your organization become more competitive in the marketplace.

Contact RealHR Solutions to learn more about their compensation consulting services.

RealHR Solutions’ Top Services

RealHR Solutions offers a wide variety of solutions for growing organizations. Specific to compensation, they offer the following:

  • Compensation philosophy development
  • Compensation structure and practice design
  • Benchmarking for current external market compensation and benefits offerings

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

RealHR Solutions knows that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution for issues related to scaling up your organization’s operations. They emphasize understanding your starting point and providing solutions that truly fit your organization’s needs, whether that means taking a business partner role or helping with one-off projects.

This focus on unique, sustainable solutions catered to your organization helps RealHR Solutions stand out from the crowd as the compensation consulting firm for growing businesses and nonprofits.

Contact RealHR Solutions for more information.

3. Compensation Advisory Partners – Best Compensation Consulting for Large Corporations

Overview of Compensation Advisory Partners

Founded in 2009, Compensation Advisory Partners is a leading compensation consulting firm for large and multinational corporations.

They focus on offering independent and expert advice tailored to the needs of complex organizations, with an emphasis on analytics and strong standards of corporate governance. Compensation Advisory Partners works side-by-side with boards and management teams to develop custom strategies that fit within the large-scale internal structures that already exist in large businesses.

Explore CAP's website for more information on their executive compensation consulting services.

Compensation Advisory Partners’ Top Services

Compensation Advisory Partners offers a range of consulting services for corporations looking to refine their compensation strategies. Their top services include:

  • Compensation strategy development
  • Competitive market research and comparisons
  • Annual and long-term incentive plan design
  • Compensation committee organization and support

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

Compensation Advisory Partners’ focus on providing real-time and data-driven insights is particularly well-suited to the needs of large corporations. They regularly conduct proprietary studies on pay and design best practices, helping them better understand their clients’ spaces and emerging best practices.

These insights, coupled with their years of experience in the field, makes them a leader for large-scale businesses and multinational corporations that need to update their compensation programs.

Reach out to Compensation Advisory Partners to discuss your needs.

4. FW Cook -Best Consulting for Executive Compensation Strategy

Overview of FW Cook

FW Cook is an executive compensation consulting firm that was founded in 1973. Their long history in the space gives them a real advantage when it comes to aligning compensation strategies with a client’s long-term goals.

Focused solely on executive compensation, the firm provides expert insights to the compensation committees, boards of directors, and management teams of large businesses.

Explore FW Cook's employee compensation consulting services for more information.

FW Cook’s Top Employee Compensation Services

Although FW Cook only provides consultation for executive compensation, their offerings within this category are fairly broad. They include:

  • Executive compensation strategy development
  • Incentive and equity plan design
  • Non-employee board member compensation strategy
  • Executive severance and transaction assistance

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

FW Cook takes their role as a legacy leader in the space of executive compensation consulting seriously. They emphasize taking a fully independent and compliant approach while working cooperatively with large organizations to design programs that will address all their big-picture goals.

Their guidance has helped countless businesses refine their compensation strategies and adapt to changing economic environments for decades.

Contact FW Cook to learn more about their services and approach.

5. Johnson Associates – Best Financial Sector Compensation Consulting

Overview of Johnson Associates

With over 20 years of experience in its space, Johnson Associates is a leading compensation consulting firm for large and multi-national financial services firms.

Their deep knowledge of the financial sector gives this firm an edge in providing up-to-date recommendations tailored to the specific needs and cultures of their clients. They provide custom-designed compensation programs for a constantly changing industry.

Compensations consulting for financial services firms from Johnson Associates is a top choice.

Johnson Associates’ Top Employee Compensation Services

Johnson Associates offers a range of typical compensation consulting services in addition to more finance-centric offerings. These include:

  • Executive compensation program design and feedback
  • Emerging market trends and issues analysis
  • Annual, sales-based, and long-term incentive development
  • Stock option valuation and transaction oversight

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

There are plenty of top compensation consultants who provide expert advice and strategy recommendations to large businesses, but Johnson Associates have proven themselves a leader in a particularly fast-paced niche.

Their deep institutional knowledge of the financial sector, up-to-date insights into new trends and regulations, and sensitivity to market cycles make them a top choice for firms in this space.

Contact Johnson Associates for more information on compensation consulting.

6. Semler Brossy – Best Compensation Consulting for Transitional Periods

Overview of Semler Brossy

Semler Brossy is a leading consulting firm founded in 2001. Although they focus on executive compensation consulting, Semler Brossy offers a number of other business consulting services for larger businesses across a wide range of industries.

Semler Brossy’s services are particularly effective for organizations undergoing significant transitional periods, including mergers, acquisitions, IPOs, and executive successions. Their team’s guiding principle is “creating clarity from complexity,” meaning their insights can really shine during your most complicated times.

Explore Semler Brossy's website for more information on their employee compensation consulting services.

Semler Brossy’s Top Employee Compensation Services

Semler Brossy provides a wide range of consulting services for large businesses, including executive compensation guidance. These services include:

  • Full compensation strategy development
  • Compensation strategy for transaction and turnaround periods
  • Strategy development for CEO and executive successions
  • Specialized incentive design for key employee populations during transitions

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

Semler Brossy stands out among the crowded field of executive compensation consulting because their expertise is perfectly suited to help businesses through some of the most difficult periods they experience.

Plus, this consulting firm prioritizes building lasting relationships with their clients. With yearly check-ins and regularly-scheduled program assessments, Semler Brossy can support your organization through a complex transition and then actively help you stay prepared for the next one, too.

Reach out to Semler Brossy for more information.

7. NFP Compensation Consulting – Best Compensation Consultants for Corporate Benefits

Overview of NFP Compensation Consulting

NFP is an insurance broker and consulting firm. Their consultants specialize in creating tailor-made benefit plans for employees and executives. They prioritize people first and stick to a high ethical standard.

Keeping your bottom line in mind, NFP has the experience that can help you with everything from designing retirement plans to staying on top of legal compliance.

NFP is the best compensation consulting firm for corporate benefits.

NFP Compensation Consulting’s Top Services

NFP knows that managing all of the moving parts of HR is a huge challenge for many corporations. This is why they offer a wide variety of services, including:

  • Compensation market benchmarking and strategy design
  • Job description development, recruiting, and interviewing
  • Payroll processing
  • Workplace compliance management
  • Call center services to field employees’ benefits questions and concerns

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

NFP Compensation Consulting stands out as a firm that can help your organization fill its HR gaps. If your in-house team is stretched thin, NFP can step in and help you keep moving forward.

With years of experience establishing best practices for organizations in a variety of industries, NFP can offer sound insights for clients working in any space.

Contact NFP Compensation Consulting for more information on their services.

8. Mercer – Best Compensation Consulting Firm for Global Executives

Overview of Mercer

Mercer is a global consulting firm that helps clients all over the world better manage their employees and streamline operations. 

Global executive compensation can be tricky, as it involves salary, benefits, bonus programs, equity options, and much, much more. Mercer aims to ease those challenges. With expertise and connections to national and international resources, Mercer can help you plan an executive compensation strategy that is fair, motivating, and grows as your business does.

To learn more about Mercer’s compensation consulting services, check out their website.

Mercer’s Top Employee Compensation Services

Mercer’s compensation consulting offerings are fairly comprehensive, with a variety of services for organizations and businesses of any size. Here are some of Mercer’s services:

  • Plans to attract, retain, and motivate executive employees
  • Alignment of executive pay with your organization’s unique strategic needs
  • Maintenance of compliance with regulatory and shareholder guidelines

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

Mercer stands out as a compensation consultant firm because they have special services dedicated to global benefits management. Compensating your executives can already be difficult to navigate, and when they’re all over the world, it’s that much harder.

By partnering with Mercer, you have access to their dedicated team of 9,000 experts specialized in executive compensation and the complexities of the global economy.

Contact Mercer for more information on their services

9. Alliant – Best For Health Benefits Design Consulting

Overview of Alliant

Alliant is a group made up of creative and experienced professionals who want to help other organizations and businesses navigate the current economic climate. 

Alliant consultants know that benefits play an especially important role in driving retention and engagement, especially during times of change. They’ll assist your compensation efforts every step of the way, providing resources and technology to help you create and implement the best plans for your team.

Learn more about Alliant’s compensation consulting services on their website.

Alliant’s Top Employee Compensation Services

Alliant understands that a compensation strategy with fully fleshed-out employee benefits generates long-term value for organizations of all sizes. That’s why they offer the following variety of consulting services:

  • Health and productivity program guidance and development
  • Benefits program administration
  • Industry benefits benchmarking

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

If your organization is struggling with designing your employee health benefits program, Alliant is the consultant firm to go to. Alliant understands that cultures that promote healthy lifestyles drive long-term employee value.  

This firm will work with you to create customized health benefit programs based on your employees, culture, and budget. With Alliant’s highly experienced team of clinicians and wellness consultants on your side, designing your health benefits will be a breeze.

Contact Alliant for more information on their services. 

10. Pearl Meyer & Partners – Best Compensation Consultants for High-Growth Startups

Overview of Pearl Meyer & Partners

Equipped with over 30 years of experience, Pearl Meyer & Partners has helped thousands of clients improve and optimize their employee compensation strategies.

Pearl Meyer & Partners has positioned itself as a thought leader for growing organizations, like high-growth startups. With their consulting services, your organization can create a compensation plan that thrives in today’s fast-paced environment.

Learn more about Pearl Meyer & Partners’ compensation consulting services on their website.

Pearl Meyer & Partners Top Employee Compensation Services

Pearl Meyer & Partners know that there’s no “one size fits all” best practice when it comes to developing your own compensation strategy. Instead, they aim to develop partnerships with clients in order to best understand their needs. Pearl Meyer has the following services:

  • Executive and employee compensation plan creation and feedback
  • Communication guidelines for announcing compensation programs (and future updates) to both internal and external audiences
  • Checklists for pre-IPO companies considering an audit

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

High-growth startups experience typical compensation challenges but at a much larger scale and faster pace than many young companies. Pearl Meyer’s consultants have years of experience with early-stage companies in various periods of growth and will be able to help you address any concerns you have.

Further, Pearl Meyer has worked with both public and private companies. This consulting firm has the insight to help any organization apply a long-term lens to its compensation strategy. With this expertise and guidance, you know your organization is set up for success.

Contact Pearl Meyer & Partners for more information on their services. 

11. HR Works – Best Compensation Consultant for Affirmative Action Plans

Overview of HR Works

HR Works is made up of human resources professionals who have served all types of clients for 28 years. HR Works aims to help your business or organization minimize HR risks and increase employee productivity through a variety of compensation consulting services.

One of HR Works’ primary focuses is affirmative action compliance. While not all organizations require an affirmative action plan, it is highly recommended. It’s especially important when it comes to your organization’s inclusion and diversity policy, an essential component of your compensation strategy. With years of experience and 100% technical compliance in OFCCP audits, HR Works closely works with you to develop your own affirmative action plan.

Check out HR Works’ website to learn more about their compensation consulting services.

HR Works’ Top Employee Compensation Services

HR Works knows how important a healthy company culture is to the wellbeing of your business, especially when it comes to affirmative action. Here are some of the top services they offer:

  • Affirmative action plan preparation
  • OFCCP audit support
  • Consultation and affirmative action plan implementation
  • Federal reporting assistance

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

It’s crucial that your organization has a solid affirmative action plan in place, especially for your internal work culture and employee wellbeing. 

HR Works provides affirmative action outsourcing services for whatever needs you have, from determining if you even need a set plan to implementing best practices for your own organization. With this dedicated support, HR Works ensures that every facet of your compensation strategies are sound and approved

Contact HR Works for more information on their services. 

12. Compensation Resources – Best for Board Equity Compensation Consulting

Overview of Compensation Resources

With over 25 years of experience, Compensation Resources specializes in providing emerging and mid-sized organizations with comprehensive compensation and human resources consulting services.

Often working with the boards of organizations and businesses alike, Compensation Resources can help your organization come up with creative and pragmatic solutions to any of your board compensation issues.

To learn more about Compensation Resources’ consulting services, explore their website.

Compensation Resources’ Top Employee Compensation Services

Compensation Resources has earned a reputation for providing sound business advice and consulting services to a number of their clients. Here are some of their top services:

  • Board member compensation plan review and design
  • Executive compensation evaluations
  • Stock option and board equity strategies

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

A pain point many larger organizations might have is determining how to compensate and engage their board members. Compensation Resources has specific abilities that aim to support programs focused on board member pay, retainers, and equity compensation. 

Compensation Resources aims to provide thoughtful, independent counsel to ensure that your board is fully engaged and invested in your organization’s growth.

Contact Compensation Resources for more information on their services. 

13. Brio Benefit Consulting – Best for Benefits-Focused Consulting Needs

Overview of Brio Benefit Consulting

Brio Benefit Consulting was founded in 2004 to help combat two pain points: the frustrating reactive approach to employee benefits and the lack of education that employees receive about their benefits.

Brio helps nonprofits and businesses alike identify the holes in their benefits strategies and creates sustainable solutions that help employers offer great plans to their employees.

Check out Brio Benefit Consulting's website to learn more about their compensation consulting services.

Brio Benefit Consulting’s Top Services

Brio Benefit Consulting has a unique and streamlined process that is focused on helping organizations satisfy their employees’ benefits needs. Their top services include:

  • Discovery meetings to gain a deep understanding of the organization’s needs and culture
  • Customized blueprints built for each organization that serves as a road map for their strategy
  • Software that helps organizations track their progress

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

Brio is all about benefits. Plus, their unique process reflects their belief that you don’t have to sacrifice your budget to offer great benefits your employees want. They track and measure eight KPIs to help maintain this balance.

Because of their emphasis on keeping up with current benefits trends and employee wants and needs, Brio Benefit Consulting stands out as a top compensation consulting firm that organizations can look to for real solutions.

Contact Brio Benefit Consulting for more information on their services.

Overview of The VisionLink Advisory Group

Created in 1996, The VisionLink Advisory Group is a pay design company that helps private employers design performance-based compensation strategies that satisfy employees and promote growth.

They specialize in designing variable compensation plans and offer consulting support and software for managing your strategy.

Check out The VisionLink Advisory Group to learn more about their variable compensation consulting services.

The VisionLink Advisory Group’s Top Services

VisionLink’s approach to compensation plan design centers on performance and aligning employee and employer values. Their offerings include:

  • Incentive plan design geared toward rewarding annual and long-term performance
  • Total rewards audits and structuring to help you compete for top talent
  • BonusRight, a tool that helps you create, communicate, and manage your company’s bonus plan

Why This Compensation Consulting Firm Stands Out

VisionLink wants you and your employees to be on the same page. This firm believes in helping you create variable compensation plans that will empower you to find and retain employees who are truly invested in the success of your business.

VisionLink made our list because they believe that above all, value-sharing between employers and employees can drive sustainable growth, which is reflected in their services.

Contact The VisionLink Advisory Group for more information.

Compensation strategy is vitally important for businesses and nonprofits of every size and industry. Remember, employee compensation programs and practices should reflect an organization’s long-term goals and priorities.

While developing an employee compensation program that addresses everything can be a challenge, compensation consulting firms are always available to guide your team through the process.

Look for partners with plenty of experience and a wide range of services in your specific space. Most importantly, look for a compensation consultant who understands that your strategy and program must lay a foundation for sustainable growth.

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Click through to contact Astron Solutions and get started with their compensation consulting services today!

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