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Combating Hunger One Sandwich at a Time

One Sandwich at a Time is a nonprofit organization with a mission to combat hunger and homelessness through volunteerism, kindness, compassion, and our two hands! It is the simple action of making a sandwich that creates a ripple effect of change.

Erin Dinan is from Chicago and went to college at Auburn University and graduate school at Harvard University. She moved to NYC to pursue photography and one night, while going through a personal struggle, said a prayer for guidance, to make a change in this world that can help those in need.

Shortly after, while running through Grand Central Station to catch the last train, she shared her sandwich with a man who was hungry. This eventually led to One Sandwich at a Time!

Dinan lives in NYC and loves art, travel (have been to over 30 countries!), family/friends, and humanity. They are her greatest passions!

Watch the whole video show as it streamed on Facebook.

Learn more about One Sandwich at a Time here.

This interview is brought to you by Philanthropy in Phocus.

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