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NONPROFIT SPOTLIGHT: The Liincs Organization

When The Liincs Organization ( originally formed in 2013 its mission was to create a forum for young professionals to organize in order to maximize their economic, social and governmental impact in the region. It has since morphed into an association to help Long Islanders looking to launch a career or become leaders within their respective communities. Its new mission is to cultivate a platform for Long Islanders looking to better their community and careers through connections, professional development, civic engagement, and social impact.“Establishing roots in a community while launching a career can be challenging, especially so on Long Island,” Liincs founder and executive director Michael Watt said. “Thanks to advances in technology and broadband, smart, hard-working people can live wherever they want and they want to live in regions that rank high in matters pertaining to quality-of-life. In that regard Long Island brings a great deal to the table.”
“Liincs” is short for “Long Island Incorporateds,” Watt explained. “Anyone born after 1980 ‘owns’ their careers much more so than previous generations. As a result, Liincs members bring an entrepreneurial mindset to their personal- and career-related challenges. It’s all about solving problems efficiently and effectively. The resources are already there. It’s Liincs job to connect the people to those resources.”
Among other accomplishments, TLO spearheaded the creation of the Millennial Leadership Coalition (, which is comprised of the leaders of the two-dozen-plus young professional-oriented groups and chapters currently functioning in Nassau and Suffolk counties.
Together, the TLO and MLC organizations are planning an event entitled “Elected Millennials and You.” It was originally scheduled for 2020 but has been moved to Fall 2021 because of the pandemic. It will be a panel discussion featuring elected officials who qualify as millennials, moderated by a millennial in front of an audience of millennials. This is the first time such an event has been planned on Long Island. Perhaps the most enticing – and encouraging – aspect of both the event and the groups planning it is the diversity of the young Long Islanders involved. This occurred organically and accurately reflects Long Island’s changing demographics.
LiiNCS is a Long Island-based 501c3 nonprofit association committed to improving local communities through personal and professional development. The Liincs Organization shares a commitment to cultivating an environment that encourages action in leadership, social awareness, and civic engagement in areas affecting the future of our community.

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