Social Impact for Nonprofits

Social impact is defined as the significant positive effect that your organization’s activities have that addresses a social issue or cause, and, on a grander scale, on the overall wellbeing of society. Nonprofit organizations exist

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Additional Board Responsibilities

Most Board members understand that it is their responsibility to provide fiscal and programmatic oversight and guidance for the organization they govern; however, they are not always aware of some of the other areas that

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Making the Decision to Become a Board Member

You’ve been asked by a nonprofit organization to join its Board of Directors. With that comes a tremendous level of responsibility that goes beyond just showing up for meetings and passing resolutions. It requires an

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Related Party Transactions

At its most basic level, a related party is one that is either directly or indirectly able to significantly influence or control another party. Thus, a related party transaction is a transaction that occurs between

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Removing Troublesome Board Members

Boards of directors function in interesting ways. Whenever a group of people closely interact, collaborate, form joint decisions, vote, and are held accountable, there exists risk that this group will become dysfunctional and/or ineffective. Successfully

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Board Committees

There are generally two types of committees; committees of the Board and committees of the organization. Committees of the Board have the ability to take action on behalf of the Board, while committees of the

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Board Positions & Responsibilities

Every member of the Board of Directors has important responsibilities that are unique to his/her position on the Board. It is important that each member of the board understand what his/her responsibilities are so that

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Board & Executive Director Roles

There is always a question as to where a Board’s responsibilities end and management’s starts. There are no hard and set rules; what works for one agency may not be effective for another. Some organizations

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Nonprofit Board Policies & Procedures

Behind every successful nonprofit organization is a Board of Directors that implements and follows best practice policies and procedures. Such policies help to ensure that the Board remains aware of the status of the organization,

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