Fundraising: A Different Approach

For too long, the nonprofit sector has taken a “one size fits all” approach to fundraising; with dinner dances and golf outings clogging the calendar and development staff making phone calls looking for sponsorships at pre-established levels.

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NYPMIFA: What is it and what does it mean for me?

NYPMIFA – what does this strange acronym mean? These seven letters are used to abbreviate the New York Prudent Management of Institutional Funds Act. NYPMIFA is not something completely new to us. This legislation was signed into New

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Too Many Nonprofits, Too little M&A

Nonprofit organizations are facing an increasing number of demands and it’s finding many of them stretched so thin that creativity and strategy are the only answers left to overcome these demands. Government funding is decreasing

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Social Impact for Nonprofits

Social impact is defined as the significant positive effect that your organization’s activities have that addresses a social issue or cause, and, on a grander scale, on the overall wellbeing of society. Nonprofit organizations exist

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Additional Board Responsibilities

Most Board members understand that it is their responsibility to provide fiscal and programmatic oversight and guidance for the organization they govern; however, they are not always aware of some of the other areas that

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Making the Decision to Become a Board Member

You’ve been asked by a nonprofit organization to join its Board of Directors. With that comes a tremendous level of responsibility that goes beyond just showing up for meetings and passing resolutions. It requires an

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Related Party Transactions

At its most basic level, a related party is one that is either directly or indirectly able to significantly influence or control another party. Thus, a related party transaction is a transaction that occurs between

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