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How board portals improve the bottom line

Simplify board management in 2021 Through our work with over 100 small and medium-sized nonprofits, my partner Christine Deska and I have identified one trait common to almost every organization:Executive directors and key staff are

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Powered By Professionals

Powered by Professionals (PBP) ( is a national fundraising and event management firm, based in New York City, that specializes in helping charity and non-profit organizations exceed their fundraising goals. Utilizing their unique strategic approach

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Pulse Center for Patient Safety Education & Advocacy

Interviewee: Ilene Corina President & Patient Safety Advocate    The Nonprofit Resource Hub is thrilled to announce that our nonprofit partner list is growing. This summer, we added 16 new nonprofit organizations to our community!

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As we emerged from 2020 into 2021, there were high hopes that we were returning to some level of normalcy. COVID vaccines were, restrictions were loosening up, and employees were starting to go back to

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Every nonprofit organization has a board of directors. Every nonprofit organization also has key management personnel. The board of directors govern the organization and its management to ensure that the mission of the nonprofit is

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The accounting world is never dull, despite what outward appearances and unfair stereotypes may lead one to believe. The Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) continually strives to improve the transparency, usefulness, and understandability of financial reporting formed

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