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Nonprofit Spotlight: JMT Consulting Group

When JMT CEO & Founder Jacqueline M. Tiso experienced a particularly painful accounting software implementation while working at a nonprofit, she was inspired to disrupt the industry and create a firm that was able to

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Ways To Grow Your Nonprofits

As a nonprofit organization, you have a worthwhile mission and a big heart, but you also need to have additional funds to be able to continue to do what you do best. Fundraising efforts, especially

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Fundraising Pop Culture: Spock at a Gala

By Peter Heller Many nonprofits have annual fundraising galas. Maybe your organization is one of them. These events can serve to honor the inspiring leaders in your community and raise important operating dollars. Yet they

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So You Want to Work With An Influencer

Social media can be a grind. For a small nonprofit who likely doesn’t have a dedicated social media manager, let alone a marketing person, trying to create, curate and cultivate content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,

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